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 Blunt Enterprises, Inc. sells products to all the major and national Canadian retailers.

 Canadian retailers represent about 3,600 potential new storefronts for you selling your products to more than 33 million Canadians.

 Blunt is a manufacturer’s representative agency, distributor and consultant, successful since 1986.

 Our offices are located in Oakville, Ontario within an hour’s drive of over 80% of the decision-makers for Canada’s major retailers.  This means we can respond quickly to the needs of our customers and vendors.

 Blunt has great success in launches of product lines in Canada.  We are even better at increasing your existing business.

 Blunt also has the expertise you need to deal with unique Canadian bilingual packaging, customs, duties and logistics.

 Blunt helps companies like yours to sell products like yours to Canadian retailers. 

 Please contact us to get things started for you in Canada.

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